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    Hans Theo Baumann, Lufthansa on-board service, 1976. Porcelain, tray: plastics. Made by Hutschenreuther Selb, Germany. Photo Porzellanikon 

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    "The Royal Navy’s King George V-class battleship HMS Howe manoeuvres off Okinawa with her main armament assuming firing position, aimed at Japanese targets on the island. She was attached to Task Force 113 supporting the US landings."

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    "The future is gold". J’adore Dior, the new film, starring Charlize Theron. 

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    Burgemeester Van de Vlugtlaan and Burg. Roëllstraat, Amsterdam, 1950s

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    Austrian soldier at the wooden trenches during WWI, Eastern Europe,1915.

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    #PHOTO by male® #August ‘14

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    #PHOTO by male® #August ‘14

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    delta cabin, buenos aires/AToT

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